Letter To Thomas Paine's 'Common Sense'

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Dear Editor, After reading Thomas Paine’s Common Sense piece, I have never felt more like a patriot. His words of wisdom have given this country a sense of hope. Our future relies on us coming together as colonies and declaring independence from the tyrannical dictator that is the King George III. His three-thousand mile rule must come to an end. We can accomplish our new-found independence by understanding our current status, accepting what must change in the colonies, and looking forward to forming our own nation and democracy. These will benefit us for years to come. Unfortunately, our current state of affairs is dismal at best. Our taxes are high, our ruler unforgiving, and expansion of new territories is non-existent, due to the…show more content…
He sees us as lesser subjects born without the hereditary rights of Englishmen. A monarchy, by definition, is a form of government in which supreme power is bestowed upon an individual, who is the head of state, often for life, and set apart from all other members of the state. Along with our King’s outrageous ideas of his new land come new rules of constriction. He has forebidden us from traveling into new territories set forth by The Proclamation of 1763. Thirteen years of law against us, a commoner, traveling outside Mother England’s set marks.(fragnmet) Patriots across the colonies share a common theme. We all want free rule of our land and the ability to create commerce with countries. These are attainable goals set forth by the inspirational works Thomas Paine. To be able to have free rule of our colonies is to allow all colonies to carry the same democratic weight. Paine wrote of such ideas in Common Sense. His ideas of a Constitution state that each colony has thirty votes toward a single piece of legislation. This would allow every member in the colonies a chance to have a free, untaxed vote on issues that affect their lives. That is true democracy and a necessity for the survival of our

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