Letter To The Unspeakable Hun

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Gunner Fredrick Johnson, France June 17, 1918 My Dear Brother, Thank you so much for your letters of May 4th and 7th. I certainly like to receive letters from you full of ideas about how we should bring the unspeakable Hun to his knees. I always read out those vicious paragraphs to the boys, and they, like myself wish you were 10 years younger. There’d be fewer Jerries, I imagine Frank ought to be called up pretty soon. I am as bitter against conscripts as you are against Germans. I'd kill a man with my own hand who has been made to fight for his country, after 3 1/2 years of war I’d rather kill him than any German, including the Kaiser as much as I'd like to get his wrist watch, as a souvenir. I'd like you to come over here, just for one night to see the illuminations that light the sky, it is as if its Guy Fawke’s everyday. Star shells, flare lights, rockets, search lights…show more content…
There are flashes of shells as they burst and the front line becomes just a blaze of fire. The enemy support trenches defend no man’s land and stop the Hun from coming over. It's entirely a night war from dark 'til dawn, its one continual pounding like heavy drums. The observation balloons do great work in spotting the positions of the enemy guns. They stay up all day. At present, I can see eleven of ours. I can also see the German balloons. Through his glasses, our observer can see ten miles on all sides of him. It is a lonely job and not one that I would relish. I saw a German plane sail over the skies, last week and it set five of our balloons on fire within 5 minutes. Soaring the sky like a hungry eagle from one to another, passing the balloons within 25 yards and then you'd see it in a blaze. The observers jumped in their parachutes, except for the first one, who was unexpectedly taken. The airman shot the observer of the 3rd balloon in mid-air. ! It was a wonderful feat, and given a bit of credit, even by his
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