Letter to the Editor on Jeremy Lin

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Dear Editor: As I was reading the articles about Jeremy Lin I noticed that the media focused on the facts that Lin is Asian American, religious, and a graduate from Harvard. The media places most of their attention on other aspects and not mainly how great of a basketball player Lin is. To me it was as if the media was saying that Lin is a good athlete because he is a religious Asian American that plays great basketball instead of just saying that he is a great basketball player because of his skills on the court. Society has created norms that make people think that only a specific race or ethnicity is good at basketball, and when someone comes along that has a different ethnicity and goes against that norm, like Jeremy Lin, it becomes this huge story. I think that the media should stop worrying about aspects like religion and ethnicity when they say how great an athlete is, and just focus on the athletes skills in that sport. There are probably not many players in the NBA who have the intelligence of a Jeremy Linn, combined with his skill set and work ethic is an unbeatable combination. It will be interesting to see how Jeremy handles Carmelo and Stats when they...return. I think he will do his part - I hope they learn to play with him as all the other Knick players have. It his mental Team attitude that makes him the player he is. Now the Knicks and Dolan do not have to look for a real point guard other than a backup for Jeremy Linn so he can have a few minutes of rest in a game. Carmelo should let Jeremy Linn take his spot on the All-star Game. From Dylan
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