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Poetry can be defined as the spontaneous overflow of powerful feelings. It could mean different things to different people. It is usually defined as a feeling felt by the reader. You may say for example, if I read a book and it makes me so cold no fire ever can warm them. Others may say Poetry is what makes them laugh or cry or yawn, what makes their toenails twinkle or it makes them want to do this or that or nothing. There are different reasons people should read poetry, the following are a few. Most poems are short although some of them may be long. Short poems can easily be read at any time for example during a coffee break, or while standing in line at the bank, or while eating a sandwich at lunch time. An example of a short poem is “The Soldier” by Rupert Brooke. This poem is just a few lines which makes it easy for a beginner to enjoy. Reading poems is also less time consuming than reading novels for busy people. In addition, poetry improves your vocabulary; it is an effective way to improve vocabulary. There are words in poems that are new to a reader which could improve the readers’ vocabulary when the definition is known. If your usual reading material consists of magazines, newspapers, and blogs, you’re unlikely to be encountering any new words. For example, as a foreign language student studying English, the vocabulary boosting benefits of poetry are well worth the time invested reading it. In addition, poetry can provide insights to new ideas. You might read a poem from a completely different culture, or written by someone much older or much younger than you. A poem could gives insight into issues. Furthermore, poetry can make you think. Reading poetry stretches the mind and forces you to think. A poets writing may surprises or offend you making you question pre-conceptions that you might have, and to move beyond your comfort zone. Even if you come

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