Letter to Morrie Schwartz

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First, I’d like to thank everyone here for attending my husband’s living funeral. I am Charlotte Schwartz. Here, in this room, is an extraordinary man I would like to draw your attention to. A loving father, an amiable teacher, a fraternal friend. Morrie Schwartz, my wonderful husband and mentor and the initiator of this funeral service. Morrie's career days were spent as a sociology professor at Brandeis University and still, although retired, teaches us the lessons of life in the last stages of his journey. His purpose of holding this funeral is to hear the wonderful things from the ones who love him before it gets late and he is hearing your words from the skies above. I would like to share some details of our relationship and some precious memories shared between Morrie and I. This year, makes forty years since Morrie and I married. He gets deep into my soul and I love him for that. For forty years, Morrie has been my best friend, life partner and confidante. "Love or perish" is an aphorism from Morrie's favourite poet, W. H. Auden. Morrie gives his love to each individual that is a part of his life. He makes it his duty to make sure that they feel that they are loved by him. He once told me, "The most important thing in life is to learn how to give out love, and to let it come in." He lives by those words and had a great impact on my idea of love. I consider myself lucky to have come across a man as great as my husband. When we first met, I was ignorant to many affairs of the heart. Morrie was the one to educate me and bring me out of my shell. His kindness and vibrant attitude towards life are just a few of the things that attracted me to him. We have spent many years together and I have become a disciple of his philosophy. Life is much more joyful when filled with love. As we all know, Morrie has little time left for enjoying life as he is facing death

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