Letter to Joe Sacco

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21.03.13 Dear Joe Sacco, This letter is written by one of the readers of your wonderful book: “Palestine”. A book in which you personally appear as the main character and travel through the different parts of Palestine interviewing many different people which suffer from the Israeli soldiers. Your mission is to show to the world how harsh the living conditions are and to bring justice to what is happening to them. You meet different people and friends during this novel, which tell you a story or sometimes, even show evidence to what, have the Israeli-Palestine conflict done to them. A cup of tea was always there for your interview. The book is mostly written in a sad mood, because of some of the cases of the poor people that you meet u with, but to them there were some funny parts in which I personally had a laugh. Anyway, why am I telling you the content of your own book? Ha-ha. I’m just writing to you to explain some parts, which I liked, which I hated, which I found confusing or boring and what I would change in your book. I will also tell you my opinions on the characters and who I liked, whom I didn’t…etc. Firstly, I would like to thank you for the part in which you explain the life of a poor man who got kidnapped and sent to be tortured, and was held prisoner in really bad conditions. Only reading this part, already showed how mean sometimes the Israelis were to the poor Palestinians. This was my favorite part of the book. I was curious of what was going to happen in the end of this small story. On the other hand, my least favorite part was pages 41 to 50. These nine pages were extremely hard to read and hard to understand. It resulted that they didn’t really mean that much to the story and really could be skipped. Personally, I really tried to understand the book deeply, but during these pages my eyes would get easily lost and my interest fell

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