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Letter to Birmingham Jail

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  • on May 20, 2013
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                  Martin Luther King Jr.

      Letter’s from Birmingham Jail is Martin Luther King Jr.’s published response to white clergymen’s statements about Kings involvement in the Civil Rights movement, he wrote this while in jail. Martin Luther Kings was in jail due to his participation in Civil Rights demonstration. The statement from the clergymen hammered King for his “foolish” behavior in regards to civil rights. In Kings defense he was invited to “combat injustice” by visiting Birmingham and also to recruit 200 protesters willing to go to jail for the cause. King’s purposed to use “nonviolent direct action” was to create a crisis that will have force the community to respond. He was jailed on May 7 after police and other protesters turned a protest violent over 3,000 African Americans where put in jail. While in jail some accused King of moving to fast in the fight for Civil Rights he fought back by saying “Black Americans have waited too long already”. Some including King found that religious groups and religious institutions fail to take action on social and political issues regarding Civil Rights.
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Instead of applauding the police, King feels the white ministers should praise the black demonstrators for their courage and discipline. During this King was called an “extremist” King said he “gradually gained a measure of satisfaction from the label”. King time in jail wasn’t long lived after a month or so in jail King returned home but his fight for Civil Right didn’t end until the following year when the Civil Rights bill was passed in 1964. After reading this letter I feel people with moral sense must take action against injustice like King and so many other fought to do.

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