Letter To Barack Obama

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Dear President Obama, I am Yifeng Li, a student of Thurgood Marshall High School, San Francisco, California. The significance of the presidential election of 2008 is not just that we have our nation’s first African American as president, but also that a moment of change has come to the United States of America. And the latter one, to me, is the intrinsic significance of this presidential election. Americans have been living with the pursuit of the American Dream for centuries. The American Dream seems, however, to always elude away from us, making the American Dreams quixotically illusory. Presidents of the United States have been struggling to diminish the distance between Americans and the American Dream. As we seem to be heading closer toward the American Dream, we were thrust out of the track of pursuing the American Dream by an adversity resulting from President Bush’s eight-year failed policy. A utopian nation, I think, should embody high employment rate, low crime rate, few illegal uses of drugs, educated and polite citizens, as well as a peaceful society. Every level of government will function efficiently; there will be no corruption among the politicians who spend taxpayers’ money wisely and make prudent and safe decisions. And such a utopian nation is the paradigm of the American Dream that Americans are pursuing. Under Bush’s eight-year failed policy, however, Americans suffered from the Iraq War, energy crisis, economic recession, low employment rate, poverty, and the bankruptcy of businesses one after another. These obstacles made Americans tentatively misinterpret the path of pursuing the American Dream as not only an arduous but also a miserable path. Under these circumstances, I think job creation and better education should be considered as two of the most prioritized issues in your agenda. Job creation and better education should

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