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Dear Mr. Astor: Everytime i hear your name i am still frieghtened. My soul trembles and the uneasy feeling of hunger comes rushing back. The sound of the grubbling stomachs still seem to haunt me, they have followed me even though the camps are long gone. Do you by any chance recall that day when I walked in on you and your precious "female friend", you appeared so desperate and useless. I could not help myself but laugh at you with disgust. Although i got beat severely that day, the way i snickered and the pity i felt for you deep in my heart at that moment was priceless. That was the only smile that was cracked upon my face since my mother and little sister were seperated from my father and I. Flashback, to when you used to beat my father with no mercy, for god sakes he was just an old broken man. His pride and manhood shattered, everytime you striked him. How do you feel knowing you have killed thousands of innocent people? How do you feel understanding that you are a murderer? You see, we were also people, humans in fact. We had feelings, hope, faith, family, and so much ahead but you bastards snatched all that away. I feel nothing anymore, you have killed my god, and my soul. Everynight, after my nightly prayers, i cannot get the faces of my people out of my head, you sleep with pleasure I presume. People like you seem to never get punished, and peole like us are never served justice. God seems to be more on your side than ours. How can there not be justice, there has to be! I hope you and you're Nazi fellows pay for what you have done. Perhaps, all this will not go down in vain, because the Jewish community is stronger than ever. I take back all that was writtin in this letter above these words, although i have all the reasons in the world to despite you, and from the bottom of my heart, i do. Yet not enough to kill you. For once in my life im

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