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Mr. President, In response to the current crisis regarding domestic US budgeting, and especially in response to your personal request, we here at the Graham Leonard Research Institution have compiled the pertinent and necessary information to provide what we feel to be a succinct and collectively beneficial solution to this national imperative. We have come to believe that the United States currently stands at a critically important juncture. Two distinct paths lie ahead, and it is the duty of the current administration to lead the nation down the path that not only provides security through military means in the short term, but also one that sets the framework for international conceptions of justice that would serve to provide all-encompassing equality in future generations as well. In short, our solution is a relatively simple one: The United States cannot sustain the massive military spending that has not only increased the national debt, but also threatens the social welfare of its citizens by squeezing needed funds from critical governmental programs. Thusly, a cut in military spending is not only warranted, but also absolutely necessary to maintain a standard of living that respects the dignity of humanity. Of course, we do mean cut, by no means should the United States drop its military capacity to such a point that it would lack the ability to defend itself were the need to arise, but we do not find launching multiple preemptive and unilateral strategic offenses warranted or even really necessary. Many that are critical of cutting defense spending would suggest that the US would be opening itself to potential trouble by reducing direct military spending. We disagree. If the United States were to divert only a fraction of its yearly defense budget in greater support of the United Nations, for example, the need for costly unilateral military

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