Letter of Reommendation

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LETTER OF RECOMMENDATION I am writing this letter to recommend Mr. Anikeya Aditya who wishes to pursue Bachelor’s Degree program in your esteemed university. I know Mr. anikeya Aditya in my capacity as a PGT in Physics for the course in Physics in High (std 9 and 10) and Higher Secondary (std 11 & 12) School for his batch. In these courses, I was able to gauge that Mr. Anikeya Aditya had an analytical mind and was able to grasp new concepts quickly. He was always sincere and highly interested in this subject. His dedication towards academics was evident from the excellent grades in all the courses which always put him in one of the top 3 performers in his batch. He showed dedication in the a couple of basic school research and project work in Physics related to the new approaches in the explanation of certain concepts in Physics in the same scientific and academic level in which he pursued studies as a part of an optional venture that we offer to the students studying here in this school as a part of nurturing and exploring the research related talent and instinct in the students in Science in general and Physics in particular. As his project guide, I observed tremendous growth in his skills over the duration of the project. He always found alternatives and solutions whenever there was a challenging situation. This project won many accolades from teachers and students during the inter-School project display. One of the qualities I really appreciate in Mr. Anikeya Aditya is his high level of involvement and enthusiasm for anything he does in accordance with the maximum possible use of the available resources he was offered . Whether it is coursework, lab work, voluntary work, project work, organizing events, he never lacked zeal or patience. His participation in various extracurricular activities is noteworthy. This positive attitude made him a very

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