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Letter of interest As an advanced undergraduate student of International relations department, who’s in pursuit of intellectual curiosity and drive to go on learning ,for me, to take a part in International Summer School will be an invaluable chance to enhance my political awareness and intellectual versatility. Moreover, I believe that the knowledge and experience taken in summer school will contribute to my further development and success in international sphere. Furthermore, a point that arouse my interest is a concept “The paradox to stability”, which is issue of the day in Central Asian region, particularly in our Kyrgyzstan. For me, a definition of stability I consider as a condition of the of a country that precludes the possibility of open revolt, events(like in Osh, Kyrgyzstan), because the government is governing correctly and the people are happy and benefit from the policies of the government. In many conferences and symposiums , where I have participated, a question of stability and preconditions for a stable state were widely discussed and observed. And it is still being analyzed. The Civil War in Tajikistan, the Batken events in 1999, tragic events in Osh of 1991,repeated in 2010, serve as lessons and create reasons to analyze very carefully state-society relations for a stable state-building. Furthermore, the role of ethnicity is crucial and significant in state-building process. In some cases ethnicity is a main cause of instability, civil conflict and even the poverty. In Africa today and indeed elsewhere in the developing world, especially in Kyrgyzstan, issues of ethnicity and identity continue to be great importance in politics and

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