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Dear Sir/Madam, I am a recent Masters graduate in Engineering. In my undergraduate study, I worked closely with Petra Lopez-Vaquera, Director of the Valley Outreach Center for UTPA. I was in charge of four Go-centers throughout the valley encouraging and assisting students with college related tasks. Through the continued efforts of myself and other team-members we were able to host events and create other Go-Centers in High-Schools and Middle-Schools around the Rio Grande Valley. After receiving my Bachelor’s Degree in Mechanical Engineering I wanted to continue my education and, with recommendation from the Graduate Director I was accepted into the Engineering Master’s Program. During my graduate years I was able to attain a job as a research assistant for Dr. Horacio Vasquez. My first assignment was to better understand Challenge Based Instruction techniques and help with a proposal to the Texas Board of Higher Education. Our proposal resulted with a 2.4 million dollar grant aimed at increasing the amount of students that attended college and, encouraging students to pursue degrees in Science Technology Engineering and Math fields (STEM). I later created the Engineering course Introduction to STEM and working with STC I and a few other professors taught the course in the summer of 2009 to the Dual Enrollment Engineering Academy (DEEA) in both the Mid-Valley and Pecan campuses. Later after completion of the class and data analysis, I presented my thesis and defended successfully to my committee. The experience I attained from working with students during my undergraduate years and teaching an Engineering course which I developed during my graduate years at both Mid-Valley and Pecan campuses makes me feel quite qualified for the position. I am looking forward to meeting and further discussing any questions you might have. Thanking

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