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905 Railroad avenue China Grove, NC 28023 ! Graduation Project Committee Jesse C. Carson High School 290 Kress Venture Drive China Grove, Nc 28023 ! Dear Graduation Project Committee, ! The general idea of my project is exploring the culinary arts. Ever since I was young I have been very interested in food. I grew up in the kitchen with my parents for years. I am generally good at baking stuff in the microwave, or throwing stuff in the oven every now and then. Though I would really like to go more deeper in the subject. I would like to gain better understanding and experience in it. I want to learn about becoming a better cook, because I enjoy it and it is something I can use the rest of my life. ! ! ! For my research paper I will go more in depth in the culinary art studies. I will learn about all the different types of foods from around the world. I really want to learn more about the history of culinary as a whole. I have plenty of sources in my area that I can benefit from. I will need to look at different restaurants in my area, such as Olive Garden, and Long Horn. Everything for my product will be provided for me. My mentors will give me everything I need to complete my product. My product will consist on baking a cake from starch, and serving a supper for the homeless. I hope to be working with one of my mom’s friend, Susan Smith. She owns her own bakery shop in Concord, called the Frosted Butterfly. I also hope to be working with another one of my mom’s friend, who is a cook at Olive Garden. Both of these people will help me to better understand my culinary interest. While one has more of a sweet, bakery side of cooking, and another is more of an actual culinary professional. ! I understand that plagiarism is taking someone else’s ideas or work and trying to pass them along as my own. I am also at a quite understanding that

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