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Kaeley Wells & Amanda Engle Per. 2 2/ 27/ 13 Letter of Intent Our project will be focused on the skills of baking and decorating cakes. Ever since I was young I've always helped my grandmother bake and decorate the birthday cakes for our family. I haven't had too much experience with the decorating part of my goal, so I do not know what to expect for the difficulty of this project. I hope this project will help me to accomplish my long term goals of going to college for culinary arts, and someday own a bakery. In the written piece of our project, we plan to talk about how to bake and decorate a cake. Our main focus isn't going to be on the baking situation, it’s going to be on the decorating part. We’ll explain how to make the candies and the decorations on the cake. Our paper is going to be a procedure piece on how to make the candy mostly. We’re going to look up pictures on the Internet for a resource, and we are going to look at my mentors cook books, and others along with hers. The project will relate to the written piece because, there's going to be step by step on what to do to the cake or how to make decorations for a cake. We've never tried to decorate a cake with the real frosting for it; I've always just practiced with the happy birthday candles. Our mentor is going to be my grandma, her name is Rachel, and we are going to make a planned schedule for us to work together. It should be easy to communicate because I see her almost every week. We are not completely sure how much money my project will cost; however our mentor has some of the pieces for the cake decorating

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