Letter Of Intent

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I want to become a teacher. Teach for America would be an opportunity to see what it takes to be an excellent educator. I can see firsthand how inner-city schools are struggling to provide a quality education for every child due to lack of funding. One driven teacher can positively change a child's life. Teachers are very influential. This is especially critical during preteen years when a child begins to form his identity. I currently volunteer in an elementary afterschool program with at-risk children. One boy has a tendency to get in trouble during class. At first he was very disrespectful to me and his classmates. I soon realized that he was behind his classmates in his reading level. He most likely did not have an adult in his life that read to him. I decided to read the Happy Feet picture book to him. I was quite surprised at how much one picture book had entertained him! It was satisfying to be able to see why he was misbehaving, rather than look at him as "at-risk." My goals in education extend beyond the US. In 2009 I volunteered with Amigos de las Americas and Save the Children. I taught classes to primary school children in Honduras. This was an amazing experience, and inspired my dream: to work as a teacher with education-focused, non-profit organizations in developing nations. I love to speak Spanish and teach English. Through City Year, there will be a need for volunteers that can communicate in Spanish. I have tutored Spanish speakers in English. They tell me that my explanations are very clear and helpful. I do it well because I always try to view my language from their

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