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Reflective Essay by Chris Waiters For my evaluation of reusable objects, I wanted to tackle an online writing class. As an Soldiers, I am constantly looking for great ways to incorporate technology into the teaching of. A instructor should be hands-on and able to provide individualized instruction to students so it is a challenge to use technology and learning objects which work for more than one person at a time. I have never taken Business Communication college courses in the past, and must admit it was extremely challenging but very interesting at the same time The organization of topics in the course itself was well-structured as it moved students from the basics to the different types of writing they would encounter in the workplace (positive, negative, persuasive messages, and the obligatory reports). The online material was almost too-basic however, and I hoped that the readings in the textbooks were more detailed. For example, a topic would be outlined and narrated in only a few slides; you cannot cover a whole chapter in a few slides. The activities or exercises accompanying the instruction must have been detailed in the text as well because they did not appear anywhere in the online instruction. For my critical thinking activities, I wanted to incorporate detailed writing scenarios and tasks which real writers in the business world undergo. Applying basic knowledge to a real-world writing task involves students thinking critically at the highest level. While the letter-writing tasks and scenarios are excellent practice for burgeoning writers, I thought to myself how am I going to do this I am no writer? I applied real world application from my personal experience and I learned a lot. You must think and plan for whatever additional information might be needed by readers, and provide the hyperlinks which take each reader where they need to

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