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Dear Sir, I am writing to complain about the ZaZoo condoms advertisement currently being aired on TV. The advertisement first shows a view of an aisle in a grocery store. Then it show to us a scene of interaction between the child and his parent, at this time the dispute occurs. The rest of the advertising show to us other visitors of the store, their expressions and their frustration, as well as the interaction between them and the parent and child. In the last scenes the child destroys everything that comes his way, screaming and kicking on the floor, and the unhappy father ashamedly looking at all this, while the child continues his grocery store rampage. I think that in those kind of advertisement there are shocking visual rhetorical arguments that can come across as funny yet appalling and inappropriate to some audiences. By showing how embarrassing the scene of an incompetent parent and their screaming child in a grocery store can be, Zazoo intends to warn the audience stating: “unless you are prepared for the responsibilities of raising a child properly, practice safe sex”. Rather than giving the audience facts about unwanted pregnancies or sexually transmitted diseases by not using condoms, the creators chose to highlight these awkward scenes and having the main source of noise in a quiet supermarket coming from the child to convey one simple message: if you aren’t using our product, this could be you, as I think this kind of message is absolutely inappropriate. May I request that you have banned this advertisement as soon as possible? As I think in the culture we live in today, sex is not uncommon, and this kind of advertisement should intends to warn us of the risks involved with unprotected sex. The commercials strong visual and aural arguments evoke a strong sense of fear in its users, challenging them to reconsider the dangers behind not

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