Letter From Slavery: A Letter To Jonathan Edwards

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Dear, Home.... I understand majority of what was going on back home and I’m proud to declare to you all, that I see a change. Ben Franklin’s enlightenment attacked the thoughts of Calvinist theology and the idea of our free will. He saw that it wasn’t right for men, women and children to be products of slavery. Even though we bought our way out it was only a matter of time before we were forced to be indentured servants of some sort. Nevertheless, the British wanted the U.S colonies to stay obedient under salutary neglect. Jonathan Edwards preached one of the best sermons of U.S history, basically known as the Great Awakening. At a farewell sermon, he left 25,000 writhing in fear of damnation. The economy was a living reck. People didn’t know what to believe or what they heard that was beneficial. All the people knew was that a change was coming for the good or even the bad of the economy.…show more content…
In the north people aren’t really forced by anyone no matter race or skin color to be a victim or slavery. Some southern native just need work and food and all they know is what they learned on the farm and or plantation. Southern colonist didn’t who you were or what you were as long as they could get a lot or work for a little of nothing. But they indentured servants weren’t slaves, unlike a slave an indentured servant is required to work only for a limited term specified in a signed contract or

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