Letter from a Birmingham Jail

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In every day’s activities, we met situations when we have to persuade other people towards our views. Apparently, persuasive skills form a typical vital component of life. To persuade competently as well as successfully, we basically apply three approaches. Firstly, there is ethos, secondly, pathos and finally logos. These are great words invented by a philosopher, while referring to the objective of argument. Ethos refers to an ethical appeal emphasizing credibility in convincing the other party of one’s stand. This is mainly based on respectability. A respected person is deemed to offer credible information. On the other hand, pathos refers to an emotional oriented approach in persuading a different party to one’s stand. The language choices that a speaker uses bear an emotional response and impact among the audiences. Therefore, an emotional appeal may be applied to persuade. Finally, logos attenuate to logic as well as reasoning in persuasion. The approach thrives on presenting reasons on a certain subject and then arguing out. In order to comprehensively exhibit each of the three approaches, this paper refers to. " The letter from Birmingham Jail" is an emotional letter addressing the issues and critics of white clergymen thrown at Martin Luther king Jr, about his non-violent demonstration actions against injustice and racial discrimination among black Americans in Birmingham. Injustice is the backbone of all the social evils taking place in Birmingham and Alabama cities. Injustice is the violation of another person's right with the satisfaction of the other individual. Injustice as shown in the essay "The Letter from Birmingham" has proved a major problem in the fight of what is good and just. We shall focus on various instances of injustice that do arise. Martin Luther said, “Injustice anywhere is a threat to justice everywhere. We are in an

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