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Isaac Craddock 19 Bloomfield road Gloucester 10.7.12 John Hancock Mr 21 Jump street Dear John It was brilliant to hear that you have decided to move to Gloucester. After having a good talk with you it became apparent that you would like to try your hand in the care sector. We are very happy to induct you into the interview process, but first we would like to include a brief description of what a job in care entails. A usual day in the setting of a care home, generally begins at 7:00 am. As soon as you arrive on shift it is expected that you anti-bacterialize you’re hands and remove any jewellery from around your hands and neck. This is for general health and safety and also for hygiene purposes. You are also expected to wear appropriate clothing for the shift, (this information can be obtained either from a senior member of staff or from the diary or communications books before hand). You will then have to go in for a “hand over“, which is basically an overview of anything of significance that has happened over the past 24 hours, once this has finished you can really start the day! The general way I start an early shift is to approach the service users rooms once they have awoken. Always knock and remember to respect the persons dignity and privacy. These points are as valuable to the service users as they are to you or me, once you've entered there is specific P.P.I that you will need, it usually consists of; gloves, white aprons and red bags, this is in case there is any dirty or wet linen or incontinence products that have been used, now you can begin with the personal care. After this it is the fun part, activities! This should all be covered by the senior member of staff, they should let you know where you're going and what's happening. There is always a chance to put yourself forward for additional training, but you will be initiated

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