Letter, Cinema Paradiso: Movie

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Dear Alfredo, Alfredo, I just can't stop thinking about you. I am writing this letter in memory of you as my dear friend, my mentor, my real father- I miss you. Many seasons have passed by without you, yet it appears as if it were just yesterday we last met each other. I remember my early days, when you used to get frustrated and discouraged me from being a projector boy, and I still remember very clearly that I had to make a deal with you for teaching me projection technique in exchange of school studies and sitting in exams. The fact about being so special to me was your willingness to share. Although you lacked and felt guilty about your schooling, your understanding your knowledge and the technical knowhow of the movies was so immense that I found a complete school in yourself. You taught me so much about the movies that I will remain in-debited, and at the same time feel proud of myself and will treasure the knowledge you had bestowed upon me, for the rest of my life - Thank You! The sound of your words still echo in my ears when I think about you, that day at sea when I had returned from the army you had advised me to leave Gian Caldo so that I could pursue my dreams and make a good and successful life, had you not given me this advise and urged me to leave, I still remember you had said that “I do not want to hear from you any more, I want to hear about you”. After this advice I thought about this idea in the open sky on the stairs and decided to adhere to your advice. Bidding farewell to Gian Caldo and Alfredo was the biggest and most difficult decision of my life. I remember at the time of my departure by train and when I was saying good bye to everyone, I had leaned down to say good bye to you; you grabbed my neck firm enough to take the breath out of me, and whispered “don’t come back”, “Don’t think about us”’ and “don’t look back”, “don’t write”’

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