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MA #1 Streetwise 4/22/12 Dear Dewayne, Through your whole life you’ve been hearing advice from people you just don’t care to get advice from. Guards, parole officers, even at times your dad, they all seemed to have been nagging you for everything you’ve done, so don’t count me off because I’m another guy trying to give you advice on what to do. We all have done this because were trying to help you realize what is best for you and your life. I just watched the documentary Streetwise about you and all your friends living on the street in Seattle, and I want to beg you – don’t do it. Don’t give in to the noose, a fate that so many weak and not intelligent people have fallen to before you. Despite what you think, you are loved, you do have friends, you do have family, and you can have your dream of a wife, house, car, and a little extra money saved up. Seeing your interaction with your dad was quite confusing. It was hard to tell what emotions were going on between the two of you. He began criticizing you and everything you were doing, looking at you even biting your nails as weakness but around half of guys in their teens still bite their nails, hell I still bite my nails at age 19. He was trying to find flaws in any, and everything you do. His intentions were to break you down, make you feel like you aren’t capable of taking care of yourself or living like you are but then make you feel his love so you would go to him for support. It was his sacrifice to try to keep you safe. He would risk your feelings of friendship towards him to try and save your life. But I don’t need to explain again how much he does love you. Through out the film, the director showed you in terrible conditions, to the point that I almost don’t doubt your decision of suicide. You were small, had a terrible daily routine, a dad in prison, and no mother, but you do have a

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