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Sample Letter of Explanation of a Criminal Background Client’s Name Contact Information Interview Date Interviewer’s Name Company Name Company Address Contact Info Dear Mr. Smith, One of the things I value most is honesty and that is why I want to write you this letter of explanation. Upon performing a background check, you will see a felony on my criminal record and that I was charged with distribution of a controlled substance in 2008. I wanted to take this opportunity to explain how I have amended my life since 2008. What I did was wrong and I was exercising very poor judgment, however I have made significant changes in my life. Since that time I have participated in classes and received certificates upon completion of the classes. A few of those include substance abuse treatment and completing Emerge’s employment readiness training, Job Club. I have also become very active in the community by volunteering my time at church as well as at Teen Challenge in Minneapolis. At Teen Challenge I am a peer mentor and through the work I do there, it is my hope that I will be able to prevent the participants from making the same mistakes I made in my youth. I deeply regret the decision that I made in my past, but I have been working every day to make the best of the opportunities I have in life. By giving my time to help others, I feel that I am able to assist them and hopefully help them make better decisions than I did. It is my hope that the information and explanation that I have provided has eased any reservations you may have. I have been given the opportunity to change my life and have become a better person who has learned from the mistakes I made in my past. I’m excited about the possibility of being chosen for this position because it would give me the opportunity to continue to help individuals better their lives as well as an

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