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DEBIT CARD The history of debit card implies that the concept of debit card is not new. History of debit card dates back around 20 years ago which highlighted the introduction of e-commerce and alternative means of payment. 1. The recent history of debit card indicates the rise in the usage of debit cards. History of debit card reflects the dominance of the debit card as a means of making payments, becoming increasingly popular. This alternative means of payment is gradually gaining ground with each passing year. * While a credit card charges a purchase to your account for you to pay later, a debit card subtracts the purchase from an account balance that you have in the bank, generally a checking account. The first debit card was issued by Seattle's First National Bank for preferred customers in 1978. It would take another six years, however, before Landmark established the first nationwide network for debit cards. By 1998, debit card transactions were more common than check transactions. That gap has continued to widen since then. Read more: Debit and Credit Card History | eHow.com http://www.ehow.com/about_6519432_debit-credit-card-history.html#ixzz1xpMekKhf The Magic of Numbers: History of debit card shows that back in 1990, the count of debit cards in circulation was around 19 million.History of debit card also has it, that the initial years of the debit card era witnessed steep growth and by the year 2006 there were as many as 27.8 million debit cards. The increase in the number of debit cardshave sharply declined owing to the fact that the market is reaching a saturation point but that has not stopped debit card usage completely. Statistically, history of debit card usage has followed a trend where one can expect the debit card usage to rise by 9.2 billion with the spending capacity to go up by 400 million. The use of debit card boomed to

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