LetS Open Up Our Wilderness Areas

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Will protecting wilderness areas stop tourist in cars and people with special needs from enjoying the national forest? These areas are necessary source for clean air, water, and vital wildlife habitat. Some interest groups will always have primitive wild places to discover and enjoy. Eric Julber, in his passage Let’s Open Up Our Wilderness Areas, assumes that an “access” philosophy is more desirable about America’s Wilderness than a “purist-conservationist”. He argues, “The purist philosophy which keeps Americans out of their own land is an unwise misuse of our wilderness resource.” I realize his concerns about some people love to enjoy and discover of America’s splendid wilderness areas rather than see on postcards. However, protecting wild lands actually cause more problems for economic impacts. I believe that the author is correct that we need access to Wilderness areas so that people can visit and explore those wonderful palaces. Moreover, many people will be considered as unemployment by protecting those new Wilderness areas. To visit and explore those wonderful and fantastic areas, we need access to Wilderness areas. In Julber’s essay, he cites the example of using an “aerial tramway” from the South Rim to the North Rim. By using the “aerial tramways,” most families can flee the rust of usual life and take a pace to match nature in a few hours. In addition to the “access” philosophy, trails are an important resource of wilderness. The elderly and the disabled people can use wilderness trails. Specifically, many trails in our state’s undefended wilderness areas are flat, wide, and perfect for families with young children, the elderly, or those who desire a less challenging form of wild recreation. As we can see, our families deserve to have a picnic and enjoy the fresh air and sunshine digging in the dirt, side by side with our friends. We can’t
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