Let's End Pet Misery Analysis

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In the article “Let’s end pet misery” the author Susie O’Brian’s contention is that all pets should be de-sexed to prevent unwanted births, which eventually result in their death. In the Herald Sun opinion piece (21/7/09) the author has a very serious and angry tone to try and get all pets to be neutered before sale to prevent more and more unnecessary animal deaths. She makes use of evidence “In Victoria around 300 dogs alone are put down every day. That’s 2100 a week and more than 100,000 a year” this makes all her arguments sound more valid and backs it up, making it easier for the reader to believe her point due to the irrefutable evidence she has, because she put it right in the middle of the text it and above the picture of Buckley, this makes the reader focus on it more, further emphasising it. It also shows that she has done research on the subject, making her seem even more…show more content…
Compassion can be a very strong emotion, because she also showed compassion for the animals, it makes the reader support her wanting to get all dogs and cats to be neutered even more. The use of compassion really shows that the writer is human and has human emotions, making the reader relate to her, as opposed to just stating that they are dying and that is sad. Susie O’Brien uses different persuasive language techniques including but not limited to photos, evidence and appealing to our sense of compassion. All these techniques combine to make a very persuasive article about compulsory pet neutering. With the combination of pictures making us doubt their fate, the facts to show us what is happening behind the scene and appealing to our compassion makes this piece very persuasive and

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