Lets Be Social and Unapproachable Essay

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LeTz B SoScHaBlE N UnApRoAcHaBlE Language is the greatest fundamentally important aspect in the life of all human beings, yet it displays unequivocal enigmatic dilemmas: “The structures that exist in our languages profoundly shape how we construct reality...” (Boroditsky 215). We utilize language to express inner thoughts and emotions, make sense of complex and abstract thoughts, fulfill our wants and needs, as well as for a means to establish rules and maintain our culture. Language can be defined as a verbal, physical, biologically innate, and the basic form of communication. With the expanding phenomenon of social media seizing humanity's priceless communication avenues, traditional methods of human interaction are becoming obsolete. Inadvertently, creating a very distinct dichotomy among personal and non-personal forms of communication. The most genuine form of human interaction originates from an informal approach of communication. Everyone experiences this particular form of language on a daily basis. Simple examples include the playful banter amongst close friends, the grammatically obscene and condensed vocabulary used in mobile phone “texting,” to the primitive, yet effective, appendage raising of the middle finger. The various methods of informal communication are unconventional and without rules. Moreover, the relaxed nature of informal interaction is useful in aiding people feel comfortable. This was recently seen in a job interview, where small talk about popular current events was used to help myself relax, feel welcome, and open up verbally. Without the casual atmosphere It would have felt more like an interrogation. Similarly, during a recent court proceeding for traffic citations the presiding judge gave a less then eloquent suggestion for someone adamant on justifying his actions. The judge exclaimed with a sarcastic: “Yes...no...maybe so...I

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