Let1 Task 4 Intro Essay

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In the given scenario I have three concerns regarding the performance review process. The largest concern is that the review being given is too basic of a review for an engineer. The simplicity of this review is typically given to employees who have simpler job duties than that of an engineer, by the company giving this type of review for the engineer it can belittle the engineer and can make the engineer feel the company has no one with the ability to properly review his job performance. The next concern I would address is the roll out of changing the review process. The company should be giving a 360-degree evaluation in these types of situations. However, the engineer has already developed the mindset that there is not anyone at the company that actually understands his duties and what he does on a daily basis. The company’s management will have to make sure they have someone who can properly do the review and communicate the results to the engineer in a professional and competent level. This leads me to the last concern, does the company currently have someone in management who can do the review in the manner in which the engineer will feel it was competently completed without bias. The scenario states that the manager has difficulty rating the attitude of the engineer due to the engineer’s ability to complete task timely. Timeliness and attitude should not affect each other and the manager must have the ability to separate categories during the rating

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