Let's Limit Junk Foods! Essay

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11/27/12 Let’s Limit Junk Foods! Food is everywhere. When people go to the market, they get what they enjoy. Sadly, what tastes yummy is normally not what is actually healthy for you. As bad as junk foods are, consumption is not decreasing and people are not getting the message. In a country that claims to value health, how can we display so many unhealthy, yet convenient, options? Taxing or disbanding junk foods is a necessary choice that must be put into action if we are to help people’s health in the long run. It is no secret that junk foods are unhealthy. In order for obesity to even begin to decrease, limitations must be put in place in the form of a junk food tax “[referring] to a tax or surcharge placed upon fattening foods or beverages.” Disbanding junk foods in public schools for younger children will help decrease the percentage of obese children and taxing junk foods will help the economy and better the community as a whole. By disbanding junk foods in public schools, obesity rates in children will decrease and healthy eating habits will be adapted. In the age we live in, things come easier than they used to. Just about anyone can go out and buy all the junk food they want, CHEAP! It is important that the children of this generation do not continue this path. I am very supportive of lowering junk food rates for many reasons. When children consume junk food now, they are developing poor habits for their future. Developing poor eating habits can lead to many repercussions concerning one’s health. (SIRS) In addition, these habits only get harder to break as time goes on. Many individuals agree that disbanding junk foods within public schools is a must! Consuming too much junk food now seems so harmless. It’s NOT! Daniel Taber, a health policy researcher at the University of Illinois at Chicago elaborated on laws that governed food and drinks sold in

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