Let’S Wear The Proper Uniform! Essay

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Do you wear improper uniform? If you do it, you not be in trend students. The uniform is the important symbol like the flag of country. The wroth and the color are same although it is big or small. Did you ever think about the flag of our country with different color? Is it joking? Like the uniform, it is the symbol of university, so it should not change. Everyone will think it is joke and look down us because we are what we wear. But nowadays the students especially women students wear improper uniform. It is very small and too tight. They change the meaning of uniform to the wrong fashion. Some students consider improper uniforms as creative ideas that should be accepted nowadays and some students refer to human rights and freedom to wear uniform many styles. Yes, it is human rights and freedom and it does not effect of grade. However it is not suitable to wear improper uniform and it comes to trouble. The improper uniform, too small (ss or sss size), too tight, too revealing and show too much of the bodies may bring the bad result or crime problems in society such as, sex violence, rape, and robbery. We can see these news on TV, newspaper, internet or radio. There are news about students like us especially the students who wear the improper uniform effect from their dress. The problem will be continuing if we still wearing uniform improperly. We should grow up adults who learn to use human rights and should know what the limit of the human rights. Our rights are studying and participate in extra curricular activities in the university. Our rights and freedom must go together with responsibility. We should not be exercised at will. Moreover, wearing uniform improperly is against the university rule. It concerns about suitability, respect and fame of university, but we ignore them. We should be proud of our uniform because we had to study hard in

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