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Let Em Live Essay

  • Submitted by: carter1993
  • on December 2, 2013
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Shake the World
Every day as I grow older and wiser than the day before, I begin to realize all the small things I have taken for granted. I begin to realize that life isn’t about having a fancy brand new car; life isn’t about how much money you make, life is about being thankful for each and every thing that you have no matter the importance.
Each day I try to find a spare moment to just sit, sit and reflect on everything good that has happened to me in my lifetime. I then begin to realize how close I was to never having any of these things, how close I was to never being able to live a normal life, how close I was to never even seeing the light of day and being able to breathe the fresh air that I am so blessed to breathe each and every day.
So why is it such an easy decision to take this opportunity from someone? Imagine a newborn baby fresh out of the womb; eyes closed breathing in fresh air for the first time in its life not knowing what the future has in store for him or her. Now imagine someone ending the life of this innocent child seconds after it is born, this child could have been the next LeBron James or Kobe Bryant, this child could have been the next Al Pacino or Steven Spielberg, this child could have even been the next president but we will never know because this infant was never given the opportunity to live.
Taking the easy way out is the same as running away from your responsibilities, taking the easy way out is no different than murder, but most importantly taking the easy way out is not the only way. Abortion is taking the easy way out.
Abortion is what lowers us in our society; by killing our unborn babies we become no better than savage animals that kill their unborn babies because they do not know better. Are we going to lower ourselves to such an extreme? It is time for people to stop taking the easy way out of things and face the consequences for the decisions that we have made. Abortion may seem like the easiest thing to do when...

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