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Lester B. Pearson was born on the 23rd of April 1897. Pearson was born in Toronto. In World War 1 Lester joined the army as a volunteer Medical Orderly. He then became a pilot for the army. Unfortunately he was hit by a bus and was discharged from the army. When he returned he taught history at the University of Toronto. Prime Minister King wanted to recruit Lester into politics, but at the time Lester disliked King’s political methods. It was a few years later where Lester joined politics. Prime Minister Louis St. Laurent appointed Pearson to the liberal government as the Minister of External Affairs. Soon enough Pearson was in the House of Commons, trying to find a solution to the Suez Crisis. The Suez Crisis was possibly going to be the next World War. The Suez Crisis was when the Britain attacked Egypt. When Pearson solved the Suez Crisis he won the Nobel Peace Award. This award is permanently hanged at the Lester Pearson Building. Pearson was elected the leader of his party and gave a very influential speech. Unfortunately his party lost to the conservatives. In 1963 Pearson led his party to victory with promises such as Healthcare and the pension program which is a retirement program, he also promised student loan which was paying less money for education. Pearson was also the Prime Minister that signed Auto Pact. Auto pact was the agreement between The Us and Canada that tariffs would be lifted off of most automobile. It seemed to be that the years that Pearson was in the office Canada and the US had better relations. Almost everything that Lester promised was given to the Canadians. Also, Lester also enforced that Women be treated the same as everyone else. One of the many famous things that Pearson was known for was that he had a non-racist immigration system. When Lester Pearson declared his retirement, there was a convention. In this convention

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