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Problem Solution: Lester Electronics Bernard Lester and John Lin have their own dreams. Mr. Lester, chief executive officer (CEO) of Lester Electronic Incorporation (LEI) wants to expand the capacitor distributions outside of the United States. Following of his father's footsteps, Mr. Lester has his good skills in communication to keep up with global expansion of electronics parts. On the other hand, Mr. Lin, CEO of Shang-wa has spent most of his adult life in manufacturing appliance parts. Shang-wa has the annual agreements with LEI for electronic parts distributorship. As a strong workaholic, He wants to retire with his family. He has his strong reason of wanting to merge with LEI. However, both firms have felt the takeover threats from all sides. LEI's management has received an offer from Avral Electronics through Peter Zack, managing director of Silver Socks that Avral is interesting to acquire LEI. Avral Electronic, a French electronic part is grown globally and is ready to consolidate its business in the United States.In addition, Shang-wa has felt much more hostile from Transnational Electronic Corporation in a takeover attempt. While Shang-wa and LEI have felt many fears from the hostile takeover, these firms have decided to form a merger. These firms need the financing plans where the opportunities exist to complete the plans. Both firms have financing problems or challenges that have many solutions in given time. The definition of end-state goals that are related only to the financing. These details are important to both firms when mergers have taken placed. Understanding is that future challenges may arise and the opportunities would be taken to remain in the global market. Understanding from the problem solution of LEI and Shang-wa need to merge continuing the operations of capacitors. They would need to define the problems of what they are facing,

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