Lest We Think The Revolution: Images Of Technology And The Nature Of Change

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Technology There are many commercials that relate how technology can improve one’s existence. Some commercials that represent either a cell phone or computers usually include a short narrative. Narratives are stories that everyone can relate to and are used as common practice within the advertising world. These cleverly put-together narratives serve a purpose which is simply to sell products. In her essay “Lest We Think the Revolution Is a Revolution: Images of Technology and the Nature of Change” Cynthia L. Selfe claims commercials that advertise technology show images and powerful stories about social context that “we” as Americans recognize, that aren’t necessarily true for everyone. In this essay I am going to discuss the narratives used in commercials to advertise technology. One popular narrative which is often portrayed in commercials is the parent being away from their child and using technology to connect. In my opinion this portrayal is not myth. There are many parents who travel because of their jobs. I personally know parents who quite frequently travel and feel guilty for being away from their loved ones. Technology bridges…show more content…
I communicate with my family who live in the United Kingdom on a daily basis via technology. Via webcam I can see my friends and family abroad. Although, not true for everyone, commercials can contain themes in their narratives that apply to many different people from all walks of life. If these companies were to advertise their products without a relevant story, I believe they would not have the same effect and sales could suffer. These narratives help convey that the major purpose of technology is to help mankind. In the last few years, as the narratives show, technology has become a greater part of everyday life. But more than sales potential, consumers would suffer the consequences of not benefitting from technologies amazing

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