Lessons From a raisin in the sun Essay

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Roberto Carrera Lessons From A Raisin in the Sun Lessons do not always have to be taught for someone to learn them. For example, the Youngers learn a great deal in A Raisin in the Sun. the family learns that they love each other, even if they may be oppressive. They learn hot to deal with all the conflict that comes their way. Then finally, the Youngers realize the value of pride. People can learn important lessons about life in a variety of ways, not only just by having it taught to them. The younger family learns to live with difficult people, including themselves. For example, how Ruth is able to put up with her husband even though he constantly nags about how nobody helps him. Ruth continues to live with Walter because she loves him and knows that he feels useless and unwanted. Lena "Mama" Younger learns this lesson a long time ago. She is able to put up with both her children, Walter and Beneatha. She cares for them because they are her children and like their father, they are committed to following their dreams. Mama shows this when she tells Bennie, "there is always something left to love" pg. 145 Even though Asagai went through gall retrogression by Beneatha's doggedly attitude he was strangely attracted to her. He knows that she is wild an only wants to find herself and help other by becoming a doctor, this is why he loves her. (Even if her hair is disheveled at times) Characters learn to love each other even if they are difficult people. The youngers also learn to deal with the conflicts that oppose them and th0eir dreams. Travis Younger (the son of Ruth and Walter Younger) must learn to deal with living in a small apartment. He does not mind that much, he knows his family is working hard to keep the family together and try to deal with their own lives. Bennie has a great deal of things to deal with. For example, she has to put up with her

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