Lessons from the Mamasapano Fiasco Essay

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LESSONS FROM THE MAMASAPANO FIASCO The Mamasapano fiasco that killed 44 policemen, who came from its elite unit, has generated so much reaction from the public that it compelled President Aquino to explain how and why this blunder happened – although what he did was to merely blame somebody else. Let us not put the lives of those killed, policemen and Moro rebels alike, to waste. Let us derive lessons from the Aquino government’s costly blunder. Here are some lessons and revelations we could derive from this fiasco. 1. The level of ineptness of the Aquino government is quite high and yet it does not have the humility to accept its mistakes and correct its errors. Instead, President Aquino always passes on the blame to others or his underlings while saving himself from being held accountable for his costly blunders. Clearly, President Aquino approved a military action – ignorance is no excuse – that imperiled the peace talks with the Moro Islamic Liberation Front (MILF) to curry favor with the US in the hope of getting more military aid. It also raised a question: Why is suspended PNP Director Alan Purisima heading the operations? 2. It would take more than a piece of paper, crafted as an agreement or a law, to achieve peace. Even with the ceasefire and expected forging of a peace agreement, the Aquino government approved a military operation within the area of operations of the MILF. It is obviously not a simple serving of a warrant, with the number and type of troops involved. The reaction of the Moro rebels, on the other hand, showed their deep distrust over the sincerity of the Philippine government and the intention of its troops. No matter how many agreements the government signs and with whom, peace could never achieved unless the roots of the armed conflict is addressed. In the case of the Bangsamoro people, the armed conflict is rooted in centuries of

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