Lessons from My Freshmen Year Essay

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“Lessons from My Freshman Year” Homework 1. Read the article quickly to get the general meaning, then look up words you need to know. 2. “Chunk” the article: Read it again and draw 5-8 boxes around parts that go together (all text should be inside a box). Make notes in the margin: what is each part saying, and what is it doing? 3. Determine critical information – write it here: Author: Title: Source: Genre: Topic (paraphrased): Thesis (paraphrased): 4. Eric Wong’s Asian Week (June 1, 2000) essay, entitled Lessons from my Freshman Year, relates the author’s experience as a college freshman at U.C. Berkeley and the lessons he learns about the limiting effects of stereotypes in developing productive relationships. Wong initially focuses upon his early experiences in the university, describing his feelings about his dorm roommates and their backgrounds. Wong, an Asian-American of Hong Kong descent, first discusses how he stereotyped his roommates based on the casual observations he made about their personal belongings in their dorm room. He infers that one roommate was a “gansta wannabe, rice rocket driving Asian” and the other an “overentitled, oblivious suburban frat boy with a penchant for gansta rap” based primarily on the brand of clothes, CDs, and the magazines located throughout the room. Eventually, Wong describes how he began to break down his stereotypes and how his impressions about his roommates and diversity changed. Wong points out that the students at Berkeley grouped similarly by either background or ethnicity. He notes that he and his two roommates socialized differently than most students on campus because they didn’t necessarily hang out with people who were exactly like them. Based on the close camaraderie he experienced with his two seemingly different roommates, Wong comes to realize that “maybe the

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