Lesson Skills and Drills for Soccer

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My Lesson Plan For Soccer: DRIBBLING Drill 1: Left foot dribbling. Groups of 5… The person in front has the ball. He will dribble all the way to the other end with his left foot only, and dribble all the way back, pass it to the next person. They should focus on speed and control, and I will emphasize on that. Drill 2: Right foot dribbling Same as above, but this time with the right foot. Drill 3: Left and Right dribbling Combine the two foots to go to the other end and back. Drill 4: The Chip Dribbling Chip dribbling is chipping the ball so it lobs like 8 cm above the air, landing 3 steps ahead of you. The significance of this dribbling is: let’s say a defender wants to slide tackle you, you can use this maneuver to chip the ball above the guys legs and still have possession of the ball. Drill 5: The Christiano Ronaldo dribbling This is one of the most craziest crossover moves in soccer. If the attacker perfects this, he or she can cross over anyone. (I will demonstrate the Christiano Ronaldo move because its hard to explain) Drill 6: The transition Drawing is really bad but I’ll demonstrate. The significance of this drill is to change directions QUICK THINGS. This is a really good maneuver (in between the legs maneuver) Little Game 1: BOX GAME Players in a box (pilons in corners). Each player in the box has a ball.. the player will use shielding skills, dribbling skills, and attacking skills at the same time. The point of this game is to be the last man standing. If your ball gets knocked out of the box, you’re out. Little game 2: Octopus game! LITTLE GAME 3: Catch me if you

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