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Lesson Plans Essay

  • Submitted by: JennyKerns
  • on May 21, 2014
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Jennifer Kerns

Lesson Plans

SPE-359 Characteristics of Learning Disabilities and Strategies to Teach Individuals with LD

Amanda Beyer

April 12, 2014

                                            Kerns page 2   Lesson Plans

      The student that I am working with is a 4th grader with a learning disability. She has trouble concentrating. She takes medication. She also has trouble keeping organized, doing and turning in her classwork and homework. Her learning style is Visual and Auditory. I will use a lot of visual and audio and hands on project to teach these lesson.
      After working this student I have learned that the student needs to have something in their hand and something that that they can relate to (text to self) in order to relate to the material that they are taught. They also need to have plenty of time and guidance.
      As this students teacher I will talk to the regular education teacher and let me them know how this student learns the best. If the teacher does not apply the modifications that are suggested to them I would have to go to the teacher first, and then if they still are not abiding by the modifications I will have to go to the principal and let them know the situation.
A student with special needs may need to use a computer or have something read
to them instead of them reading and writing themselves. This takes the pressure off of
them and allows them to be creative and do their work. This why it is important that the

regular education teacher keeps with the modifications.

                                            Kerns page 3   Lesson Plans

Reading Lesson Plan

Story Mapping of   The Magic Tree House: Dinosaurs Before Dark
Adapted from http://mthclassroomadventures.org/index.php%3Fr%3Dsite/lessonplans

1. Objectives :
    Reading Comprehension, Setting, Main Idea and details, Sequencing, Summarize and
    retelling of story.
2. Materials:
    • Dinosaurs Before Dark (Book on CD)
    • Story...

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