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Aerobic Dance Developmental Level: II Grade: 4 Total Length in Minutes: 32 minutes Curriculum Organisers: Active Living: physical and emotional benefits of physical activity. Movement: body and space awareness; sequences of non- locomotor, locomotor, and manipulative movement skills Safety, Fair Play and Leadership: Warm up and cool down; principles of fair play and leadership Activity Category: Dance: Rhythmic and Creative Instructional Objective(s): The aim is for students to develop skills in rhythm and movement whilst drawing an association with the importance of dance. At the end of this lesson students will be able to make smooth, quick movements, show emotions of excitement and inquisitiveness through movement and be able to move through and at different levels of low, medium and high in small groups and with partners. Facility: Thompson Rivers University Gymnasium Equipment: Bean bags (10- 15) CD player Music (different beats/aerobic) Cones | Teacher Activities | Student Activities | Time | Warm-up | Teacher(s) shall either pair students up or allow students to find a pair. 1. Each pair is given a beanbag and told to spread out. Students are told that once the music begins they are to throw the beanbag to their partner whilst keeping in time with the music. Students are only allowed to throw and catch on the beat.2. This time have students throw and catch at different levels (low, medium and high) 3. For the final game on the drum beat students need to find another partner and start throwing and catching on the beat. Alternative: If students are having difficulty then throwing and catching to the rhythm the teacher can stop and have them clap, stomp to ‘feel’ the rhythm. | 1. Once students have found a partner and their space they are to throw and catch the beanbag between one another

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