Lesson Plan-Map Scales

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Lesson Plan Template LESSON TITLE: Maps and Map Scales GRADE LEVEL: 7th Grade SUBJECT AREA: Geography TIME ALLOCATION: 40 minutes OBJECTIVES (with active verbs): After a brief lecture, 7th grade students will be able to compute distances on a map using map scales (cognitive). After completing a worksheet, the 7th grade students will be able to understand the basics of map scales and map symbols (cognitive). After the worksheet, the students will be able to help draw a map of their classroom using a scale, legend, and proper symbols (cognitive) STANDARDS: BIG IDEA(S): Understanding of map scales and basic map skills. GROUPING OF STUDENTS & RATIONALE: During the beginning of the class, students will be given a brief lecture. For this, students will be in a whole group/class setting. This will give the instructor the opportunity to teach the entire class the content needed for the lesson. After lecture, students will work in pairs to complete a worksheet. Working in pairs will allow students to help each other with information they may not understand. Also, having the students work together during the lesson will allow the instructor the opportunity to travel around the classroom answering questions and assessing progress. The students working in pairs will foster discussion between them and help teacher analysis, as well as save time for the instructor answering questions. When the students complete the worksheet, the whole group/class setting will continue. During this time, the worksheet will be reviewed. This will allow students to discuss their results with the rest of the class and allow for teacher feedback. The class will then begin an activity to draw a map of their classroom. The class will work together, led by the teacher, to draw a map of the classroom on the chalk board. The map will include a title, legend,

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