Lesson Plan for Enhancing Reading Skills

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A. LESSON PLAN FOR ENHANCING READING SKILLS 1. Final objective of the lesson: (i) Practicing skimming and scanning skills in reading. (ii) Increasing students anticipation skills (Students answer the comprehension and true-false questions) (iii) Reinforcing students comprehension skills. 2. Age : 12-14 yrs. 3. Language level : Intermediate 4. Material used : The reading text used for the specific lesson is extract from Dr. Kalam's autobiography . A copy of text is attached. 1. Pre-reading : Teacher tells students that they are going to read an extract from Dr.Kalam's autobiography. The title of autobiography of APJ Abdul Kalam is "wings of fire" and he is not only the renowned scientist of ISRO but also the former President of India. A photograph of Dr. Kalam / the book cover page itself will be displayed and teacher asks students if they know about the book, the author and ISRO. Students may have some information and teacher completes the information about Dr. Kalam in brief along with information about ISRO. ( Objective : To arouse students curiosity and activate students background knowledge on the subject. Material : Book cover page or Dr. Kalam's photograph for display. Time : 5'-7') 2. While-reading : Teacher asks a student to read first paragraph of the text and continue reading by asking other students. On completing the reading a small question answer session will be conducted. Students are asked to think about scientific research, activities carried out by ISRO, role of devoted scientist, dedications of various teams to complete the mission. (Objective : To give students practice in intensive reading. To encourage cooperative reading. To give students practice to scan for specific information. To engage students in real life tasks like exchange of information. Time : 20'-22' for reading) 3. Post -reading : There can be
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