Lesson Plan Critique

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1. What have I learned about teaching? I have learned that a teacher needs to practice inclusion in a classroom. A teacher also needs to practice good classroom management and the best type of management is “invisible”. Proactive responses are better than reactive responses, as the proactive ones prevent negativity. 2. What have I learned about learning? Learning can take place when the teacher provides the 5 dimensions which are: procedural, organizational, behavioral, psychosocial and physical. Learning can take place when there is a positive environment, when the teacher works towards creating meaningful relationships with students, is consistent and organized. 3. What have I learned about assessment? Comprehensive assessment is used to determine the IEP folder for a student. It is developed by a team, including the primary teacher who has knowledge of the student which will assist in their success. 4. What have I learned about myself as a teacher? Most importantly, I have learned more about IDEA and IEP. Speaking of “Procedural Safeguards”--I will help parents to know that they do have a say in their child's education if they do not think they have any rights or voice. I see how important it is to advocate for all of our students and to work using consultation and with other staff using collaboration. 5. What have I learned that will help students learn? I have learned that the use of a flexible lesson plan and differentiated instruction will help all of my students to learn. Developing relationships and getting to know my students will help me to create engaging and appropriate lessons which will make learning easier (and maybe even fun!) for my students. 6. What have I learned about myself as a teacher that will guide my future teaching? I have learned that is it necessary to assume the best from my future students. I have no reason to

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