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Lesson Plan Conditionals

  • Submitted by: totheri
  • on September 12, 2012
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Note:   By using the [Tab] key or the mouse, the cursor will automatically move to the next box.   On the procedure section, use one box for each phase (engage, study or activate) of your plan.

Teacher:           Ms Toth|Room:                         4|
Observer:         n/a|Expected numbers:   9|
Date & Time:   12/9/2012 10:00|Class level:   intermediate|
Context:           revise conditionals to bring out exercises to reported speech|
Teaching aids:   exercise sheets, sheet of reported speech, paper, pens, pictures, whiteboard and pen|
Learner objectives:to be able to report small conversation|Personal aims:to give prompt feedback|
Anticipated problems for students:to see the difference in usage between contitionals|Solution:make as much exercise as possible|
Anticipated problems for teacher:to explain the differences between conditionals, to answer student questions|Solution:to be well prepared with teaching aids and explanations|
Revise conditionals with students from previous lesson. Ask student to chain different conditionals one by one. You start for them and after they use their imagination to follow. eg: If I had five children, I wouldn't have to work. - If I don't work, I may not have enough money. - If I didn't have enough money, I couldn't buy everything I want. - If I hadn't been able to buy what i want it would have made me upset. - If i was upset, it might cause difficulties in my concentration…..   |Engage|10 min|T-S|
Help students in above exercise with quick idea drawings on the board (when they are lack of ideas) and always give them feedback of their performance|     |     |     |
Handle out some exercise sheet of conditionals, like Split Sentences and Complete the Conditionals and after give feedback.|Engage |5 mins|S-S|
Handle some pictures out for every student. Ask them to create at least two conditionals sentences around the picture. eg. If this man was smaller, it could be the...

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