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ndividual activity Learning objectives: •To develop research skills and the use of computer-based information; to understand the variety of jobs there are in one area of work Curriculum links: English, Technology - database exploration. Background: Paws in Jobland covers only a selection of the jobs that exist. However, the idea behind the environments/areas in Jobland is to demonstrate the link between jobs within a particular area. This quiz concentrates on jobs in two areas of Jobland, partly to develop a greater understanding of each of the jobs in those areas and partly to demonstrate that a variety of tasks, skills and experience can be found within the ‘health’ area of work. Resources needed/preparation: • Photocopies of Worksheet 3 • Writing materials Introduction/guidelines for students: • Explain that jobs in one area of work have similarities and differences. You could use your school as an example, describing how the work of the school secretary, the caretaker, the crossing guard, the principal, and yourself is different; but you are all linked by the fact that you work in and around a school. • Ask the students to think of jobs that they know of in the ‘health’ area of work. They will probably come up with some of the jobs in the Hospital and Emergency Services area of Jobland, but may not think of all of them. • Hand out the worksheets and ask them to look for answers in Paws in Jobland. Ideas for further development: • An extension of the theme could involve students performing a role play exercise. They will probably have seen hospital programs on television. You could ask them to write a script involving some or all of the jobs mentioned, giving the characters suitable and/or humorous names. The plot could involve patients as well as other people who come into contact with health professionals, and could revolve around some of the

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