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• Advantages of M-Learning • One can access lessons, video clips and audio libraries from anywhere, including public places and moving buses and trains. • Interaction with fellow students and instructors will be a great help. It is an accepted fact that learning is made easier when information is shared and questions answered through a sort of combined study. This helps several students to work together on assignments even while remaining at far-flung locations. • Portability is a very big plus, as a PDA is compact and very lightweight, and enables a student to take notes or enter all types of data directly into the device. • There is a psychological factor; owning handheld devices increases student motivation and deepens the commitment to using and learning with them. Further, the present generation of students has a fascination with handhelds like PDAs, mobile phones and similar carry-around devices. The learning material is mostly colorful and inviting which may prompt students to go back and forth and practice more. • It is a fact that most handheld devices are more affordably priced than larger systems, and already a major percentage of the population owns them. • Flexible hours of learning are indeed a great boon as students can access the system anytime 24-7 and from any location. What is more, teacher support can now be expected even outside classrooms and other learning environments. • Each student can learn at his or her own pace - some student may be slower learners. The students who pick up things fast need not waste time going repeatedly through basic lessons. • Yet another blessing is a huge saving in the cost of learning materials and also commuting expenses. • Disadvantages of M-Learning • There is the definite inconvenience of size, as the student has to learn while hunched over the small screen of a mobile phone and PDA. • There is no

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