Lesson 44 Week 6 Checkpoint

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Lesson 44—Table Basics Create Tables • Tables consist of columns and rows of data—either alphabetic, numeric, or both. • Column: Vertical list of information labeled alphabetically from left to right. • Row: Horizontal list of information labeled numerically from top to bottom. • Cell: An intersection of a column and a row. Each cell has its own address consisting of the column letter and the row number (cell A1). Use Show/Hide to display end-of-cell marks in each cell and end-of-row marks at the end of each row. End-of-cell and end-of-row markers are useful when editing tables. Use Print Layout View to display the table move handle in the upper left of the table and the sizing handle in the lower right of…show more content…
Likewise, to format a specific row, column, or cell, you must select the table parts and then apply the format. Editing features such as delete and undo work in the usual manner. Follow these steps to select various parts of the table: |To select |Move the insertion point: | |Entire Table |Over the table and click the table move handle in the upper left of the table. (Option: Table menu, Select, Table). To | | |move the table, drag the table move handle to a new location. | |Column |To the top of the column until a solid down arrow appears; click the left mouse button. | |Row |To the left area just outside the table until the pointer turns to an open arrow; then click the left mouse button. | Note: You can also select rows and columns by selecting a cell, column, or row, and dragging across or down. Drill 2…show more content…
Select the table, change the row height to .3”, and then center the text vertically in the cells. 5. Align text within cells at the left. Align numbers at the right. Align decimal numbers of varying lengths at the decimal point. 6. When a table appears within a document, DS before and after the table. 44d-d1 p180 COOK OFFICE PRODUCTS 2010 Sales |Sales Agent |Territory |Amount of Sales | |Stephanie Acosta |Northwest |$1,157,829 | |George Cunningham |Central |$4,245,073 | |Angel Izadi |Southwest |$6,301,625 | |Joseph Viceroy, Jr. |Midwest |$99,016 | |Lauren Zimmerman |East |$82,479

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