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Answer these questions using QAR 1. Read over each question. 2. Think back (or reread) the text and create a valid, clear, and focused response. 3. Identify the relationship—where did you find your evidence? Question Answer Relationship—Choose one: • Right There • Think and Search • Author and Me Gawain is said to be Arthur’s most noble and faithful knight. Would you agree or disagree with that statement? Why? Please explain your answer in detail. I do agree with this he has a reputation for courtesy and good behavior. Think and search The seduction of Gawain by Lady Bertilak was an attempt to show flaw in Arthur’s servant and the whole chivalric system. Was this attempt successful or not? Explain your answer in detail. No The seduction failed, in that Bertilak’s wife only got a few kisses from Gawain, nothing more. The only thing that succeeded was the green girdle but it wasn’t really a seduction. Right there Discuss two choices made by Gawain throughout the course of the poem. What were the consequences of these choices? If you were Gawain, would you have made these same choices? Why or why not? Please explain your answers in detail. Commitment to face the green knight, Another would be his refusal to sleep with the seductive wife of his host. I probably wouldn’t committed to face the green knight but I wouldn’t of slept with the seductive wife either. Right there At the end of the story, Sir Gawain comments that many great men have met their demise because of a woman. What does he mean by this? How does this apply to Gawain and his search for the Green Knight? When Gawain returns to Camelot he recounts his journey and his reason for wearing the green girdle across his shoulder. How do King Arthur and his men react to Gawain’s story? What does this say about the relationship between Arthur and his knights? A correlation can be drawn

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