Unit Two Lab Questions

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Unit Two Lab Assignment #1 1. Google "Tiger Woods" and then click on the "Shopping" tab on the left side of the search page. How many video game results come up? Now Google your favorite sports team and click on the "Shopping" filter. What ancillary products does the search reveal? * I seen 10 of them. * I searched up Denver Broncos and a ton of ancillary products popped up Unit Two Lab Assignment #2 1. What selection criteria do you think the company goes through in order to choose which events to sponsor? * Sports sponsorship is a marketing tool that is frequently used by companies to reach a wide audience on a global basis so as to be placed higher than their competitors and to create awareness as well as make a…show more content…
What percentage of the NCAA's revenue comes from men's basketball? How is this revenue generated? * 90% 4. How did Nike first gain brand exposure through men's basketball? Explain. * Give the shoes away and pay the college coaches. Put the shoes on the kids and shirts on the kids. The public would buy. 5. How does best-selling author Michael Lewis argue that playing college sports impedes athletes from getting an education? * Getting educated is hard to do when spending 50 hours playing sports. 6. The president of the NCAA argues that education combined with access to some of the best coaches in the world is adequate compensation for student athletes. Do you agree? Why or why not? * Yes i agree because of a student athlete main priority should be their education and developing their skills as a athlete. 7. After watching the video, do you think that college basketball players should be paid? Why or why not? * Somewhat. I don't think they should be paid as much as professional players but i think they should get a check here and their. 8. Do you think the lawsuit against the NCAA will be successful? Why or why not? Maybe or maybe not. * Depends on if they state a clear reason why the NCAA shouldn't be doing what they're
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